The Canadian Arctic Archipelago

This summer, a team of scientists will join two Canadian coastguard vessels in the far northern regions of Canada to measure the magnitude of freshwater flux through Nares Strait and its variability. This sounds straightforward, but the limited time window available due to ice conditions, along with the possibility of strong winds and fog, not to mention the recently-calved ice island from Petermann Glacier, severely complicates such a measuring campaign. Furthermore, we hope that we will be able to recover the moored instruments that were put in place three years ago and have hopefully been measuring ever since. They could have been hit by drifting ice, or be hidden under a large ice floe just at the time we wish to recover them. Time is short, the schedule is tight, and Peter and Renske, who are each joining one of the vessels and will be reporting on their experiences during the campaign on this blog, are both looking forward to many 14-hour shifts!