Petermann ice island nears fjord mouth

Petermann Glacier, Fjord, and Ice Island on July 31, 2012 at 08:05 UTC. Nares Strait is to the top left. Petermann Glacier, Greenland is on bottom right. PII-2012 is at the centre. Image courtesy of Andreas Muenchow at the University of Delaware (

The ice island that calved from Petermann Glacier’s floating ice shelf two weeks ago received a push from easterly winds this weekend and is nearing the mouth of the fjord.  Once out in Nares Strait it may well prevent access to the oceanographic moorings the science team hope to recover this summer.  As Renske heads to St. Johns to join the science and coastguard crews destined for the CCGS Henry Larsen, we are all watching the progress of the ice island closely!

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