Excitement on joining the ship

3 August 2012

After the first day of delay the journey has proceeded smoothly. As we went further north the warm summer was slowly replaced by first fog and cold at the stopover in Iqaluit (aptly summarized by Andreas’s summer student Allison: “I should have put on socks”) and later sunny and not so cold in Thule.

As we arrived on the ship all the crew members whom we had joined on the flight here immediately disappeared in the ship. As I learned later they were being briefed by their colleagues who had sailed the previous leg. It is a very smooth running system that I will get to see from close by over the coming weeks. The crew is almost as excited as we are about this trip as Nares Strait does not have any settlements and it is therefore not an area they normally get to see. The ice observer is excited because of the large amounts of ice (“Is there a nine? Is there a nine?”; the ice coverage scale goes from zero to ten). The helicopter pilot is excited because a lot of ice means likely some ice surveys by helicopter, while we will also need his services for access to the weather stations. One of the stewards is just excited because of some new scenery (“I bought a new lens for my camera!”).

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