Saturday nights at sea

11/12 August 2012

It is weekend on the Larsen. This is a strange thing to realize, as our weekends don’t look much different from weekdays. We are only here for two and a half weeks and want to get done as much science as possible in that time period. The crew, on the other hand, is on the ship for 6 weeks and pretends to have a normal week rhythm. For us the only things that remind us of the time of the week is bingo night on Saturdays, and suddenly all the officers being dressed up in their whites on Sundays. Bingo is great fun. You can secure your bingo card during the day, and between 20.00 and 20.30 the crew’s lounge starts to fill up with bingo cards on seats (meaning “This seat is taken”). The bingo is played in four rounds and wonderful prizes can be won, ranging from t-shirts to toques. As I had only brought two of the latter, I was glad to win an extra one. Bingo was a bit delayed this Saturday evening (a very rare thing indeed!) because part of the science team and the helicopter pilot had not yet returned from servicing a weather station, but upon their return the game was started in all its semi-seriousness, which makes it even funnier. After the bingo the true Saturday night atmosphere was continued by first playing music and later, as the evening progressed, karaoke. I’m not normally a big fan of the latter activity, and not knowing most of the songs doesn’t help either, but it was still hilarious!

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